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    Tess Noncoiré, successful fantasy writer and Celestial Blade Warrior, has made a deal with the Powers That Be, trading her own dreams for the future for the safety of those nearest and dearest to her. Having survived this unprecedented experience, Tess, along with her imp Scrap, is determined to hunt down a demonic intruder from another dimension. The Nörglein seems bent on bespelling and seducing young women, leaving them pregnant, and then waiting to steal the babies away for his own purposes.
    Injured in her first encounter with the Nörglein, Tess will be forced to turn to the two men she swore she'd have nothing more to do with, as well as several unexpected allies. But whether she can stop the Nörglein and rescue his offspring from the fate he has planned for them is very much in doubt. And if she has to face the Powers That Be a second time, getting out alive will be the least of Tess' worries...
"Fans of Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley
are most likely to enjoy this slightly screwball fantasy adventure."
-Publisher's Weekly

"Frost has created a aresourceful and appealing heroine whose strengths and
weaknesses together make her a fully formed character...a strong series..."
-Library Journal
Past Releases
Faery Moon
      Tess is attending a writer's conference in Las Vegas with her mother when Tess discovers that a captive population of faeries are being forced to perform for one of the casinos' acts. Worse still, Tess and her imp Scrap discover the faeries must be returned to their world soon or die. However, Scrap discovers they have even greater probelms as the portal to the faerie world is leaking energy that is undermining all dimensions, including Earth.
      With time running out, the quest leads to the mysterious Lady Lucia, who claims she can reveal the answers they need – for a price. Even if Tess accepts Lucia's help, can she, Scrap and the two men in her life, Guilford Van der Hoyden-Smythe – Gollum to his friends – and the handsome, enigmatic Donovan Estevez, manage to break the spell binding the captive faeries and set all the dimensions to right?
Moon In the Mirror
      Tess has returned home to New England to recover and put some distance between herself and the two men in her life – Guilford Van der Hoyden, who knows far too much about the Sisterhood of the Celestial Blade and Tess herself; and the handsome, enigmatic Donovan Estevez whom she is fairly certain is not human.
      But Tess soon discovers that home is not necessarly a haven, for trouble has followed her to her doorstep.Being haunted by a vengeful Windago demon whose mate she's killed will soon seem the least of Tess' problems. First a young Wiccan woman who vanished thirty years ago unexpectedly returns. Then she is attacked by creatures that resemble garden gnomes but are more sinsiter. To make things more complicated, Tess's mother turns up with Donovan's father, Darren. When Gollum and Donovan arrive as well, Tess realizes thing are getting out of control. What she does know, though, is that even with the help of her imp Scrap, Gollum, and possibly Donovan, she'll be lucky to survive the next few days...
Hounding the Moon
      Teresa Noncoiré, Tess to her friends and fans, is a successful fantasy writer, a frequent guest of the science fiction convention circuit and a member of the Sisterhood of the Celestial Blade Warriors, an organization that secretly defends humanity. Together with her partner, the imp Scrap, Tess works to protect our world from invasion by demonic beings from other worlds.
      When a demonic hound targets Native Americna children, Tess and Scrap move to protect them. Though they manage to fend it off, it was not without cost. Several people were killed and wounded, including Tess's closest friend. In pursuit of the hound and a missing child, Tess encounters two others on the creature's trail: Guildford Van der Hoyden-Smythe – or Gollum to his friends – a cultural anthropologist who knows far too much about the Sisterhood for Tess's comfort, and Donovan Estevez, a handsome and mysterious man. As they close in on the hound, they discover a threat that could destroy their world. Will an old Native American myth prove the key to salvation or to the end of life on Earth?
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